2017 Aviation Noise & Air Quality Symposium

2017 Aviation Symposium

Event Date

Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs, California

The 2017 UC Davis Aviation Noise and Air Quality Symposium will focus on ground-breaking efforts being undertaken by elected officials, airports, consultants, communities, and the FAA to develop ways to work cooperatively to mitigate the environmental impacts of NextGen flight path changes. Find out from those who are leading this difficult and innovative work what lessons they have learned and successes they have had in their search for solutions to NextGen noise impacts. Get updated from the FAA on their efforts to improve outreach to communities on NextGen implementation, implications of recent health effects research, NASA’s exciting new X-Plane initiative, and much more. At this time we now have elected a new President, Congress, and FAA leadership. Learn what these changes mean for possible FAA noise policy revisions, further implementation of NextGen, and stalled legislation that addresses NextGen environmental impacts.

This year’s key note address will cover the challenges encountered at MSP when new NextGen aircraft departure and arrival procedures were proposed. Dana Nelson, the Manager of Noise, Environment and Planning at MAC Minneapolis will highlight the MAC’s year-long effort to quantify what has turned out to be one the biggest single greenhouse gas reduction actions at MSP in documented history, in the form of new NextGen aircraft arrival procedures incorporating Optimized Profile Descents (OPD).
* NextGen toolkits, interfaces and what lies ahead
* Real-world lessons learned from airports implementing PBN, NextGen and Metroplex ops
* A UK MP on an innovative proposal to address aviation noise
* How Asia and Europe handle airspace integration & modernization
* NASA’s emerging supersonic and quiet technologies
* Recent findings on sleep, cardiac & health impacts from AV noise
* How a legacy airline is re-born with a proactive environmental agenda
* Recent work on noise at the National Park Service
* A special session devoted to General Aviation
* The latest improvements to AEDT


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