Facility for Roadway Air Pollution Exposure (FRAPE)

Over the last decade or so, epidemiologists have found increased incidence of a range of diseases, including pulmonary, cardiovascular and neurological, related to exposure to traffic-related air pollution. To obtain a better understanding of which pollutants near roadways are responsible, the UC Davis Environmental Health Science Center along with two NIEHS R21 grants supported construction of a vivarium adjacent to a traffic tunnel in the San Francisco bay area. Laboratory animals breathe air drawn from the tunnel and then are examined for a range of adverse health effects.

Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) at Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML)

BML is located about 50 miles north of San Francisco. The air at each location is representative of very distinct layers of the atmosphere. Measurements at BML observe air in the boundary layer; that is, the air closest to the Earth’s surface that is most influenced by emissions from the ocean and its marine life as well as shipping traffic in the Eastern Pacific.

Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) at Cahto Peak

Cahto Peak (1.3 km elevation) is located in the Mendocino Coast Range 100 miles NNW of Bodega Bay. Measurements at Cahto Peak typically characterize the amount and chemical nature of air pollutants transported from Asia.

West Side Research and Extension Center

The West Side Research and Extension Center (WSREC) site is approximately 35 miles southwest of Fresno and 10 miles east of Interstate 5 on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. The facility actively operates as an agricultural research station with mixed crop plantings (cotton, wheat, corn, etc.). Surrounding activity is field crop-agricultural with Harris feed company approximately 9 miles west (southwest) and the Lemoore Naval Air Station is approximately 9 miles east of the site.

Fresno Urban Site

The UC Center, Fresno is located in a mixed retail commercial and residential setting. Infrastructure upgrades include a new 200A electric service (120/240V 1 phase), sampling trailer(s) and security fencing. In addition to approximately 1000 SF of parking lot access, we have an office and associated facilities with 24/7 access in the UC Center, Fresno building.