Steven Cliff

Position Title
Research Professor

  • Air Quality Research Center

Research Interests

  • Health Effects - Particle sampling and characterization for in vitro and in vivo exposure studies.
  • Transportation - Characterization of particles emitted from transportation sources including aircraft, automotive, and railway.
  • Urban and Regional Smog - Sampling and analysis of ambient particulate in support of source apportionment studies and atmospheric pollution transport.
  • Visibility Degradation - Ambient sampling and analysis of particles in Class 1 visual areas including National Parks and Monuments. Study of particle pollution source and concentration related to visibility reduction in US National Parks.
  • Agricultural Emissions - Particle emission measurement from agricultural sources including dairies and other Confined Animal Facility Operations (CAFO) sites.
  • Global Climate Change - Quantification of long-range particle transport and transformation. Ground-truth observations for climate model calibration related to long-range dust transport.
  • Indoor Air Quality - Quality assurance of air sampling protocols, particle and gaseous sampling and analysis of indoor pollutants related to human health impacts.

Research Summary

My research centers around atmospheric particle sampling and analysis related to climate and air quality effects. A major effort involves quantifying transPacific atmospheric pollution transport and the associated environmental effects. Additional experimental work includes developing analytical techniques for environmental samples. New technologies include size-segregated and temporally-resolved air particulate sampler development and synchrotron x-ray fluorescence analysis of both air particles and mud- and sediment-cores.

Teaching Summary

Graduate student mentoring in Atmospheric Science, Applied Science and Transportation Technology and Policy.